15 Ways Custom Drones Are the Perfect Promo Product

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15 Ways Custom Drones Are the Perfect Promo Product

DRONE269HWBy Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Custom drones virtually – or literally – took off overnight in the world of custom promotional products, and retail in general. A few years ago, drones were a rare novelty. Now? They’re the must-have in all corners of the tech world, and beyond.

And it’s easy to understand why they’re so hot. They’re fun, great for exploring, and they come in a variety of options, colors, sizes and even camera capabilities. And if custom drones have been on your radar for a while, you’ll be pleased to know that our drone line has expanded with many more offerings that can fit just about any price point!

And as for that list of 15 ways that custom drones are the perfect promotional product? Take a look.

file1. Trade Show Giveaways
2. Casino Promotions – Example: Gamblers have to obtain a certain amount of points to win one of several custom drones.
3. Hi-Tech Corporate Gifts – Example: Handed out to corporate executives.
4. Golf Outings – Example: Welcome gift
5. Banks – Example: Gift to customers that open up new accounts.
6. Hunting Lodges – Example: Hunters can survey the areas around their tree stands to see any animal activity.
7. Tire Dealer – Example: Purchasers of 4 tires receive custom drones.
8. Auto Parts Dealer – Example: Employee incentive rewards
9. Summer Camp – Example: For student recognition
10. Car Dealer – Example: Purchasers of our (model) receive custom drones.
11. Self-Promo – Example: Send package to qualified customer/prospect but keep controller until you receive the appointment. 12. Chain Stores – Supermarkets, retail stores, etc.
13. Desk Drops – Applicable to commercial real estate.
14. Destination Wedding – Drone with camera as welcome gifts.
15. Photography studio – Given out at wedding expo.

77c9470d697ae875cf00dd77d410d71eIt is also important to note that our drones are below the FAA weight regulation for registration, making ownership a breeze. And just know that we have many other examples of how you can use custom drones to drum up a ton of buzz for your brand. Call us at 888.752.0432 today!