Step and Repeat Banner Do’s and Don’ts

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Step and Repeat Banner Do’s and Don’ts

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): A step and repeat banner is a great way to get exposure for your company or brand. Event experiences are becoming increasingly popular (see our 2018 trends blog), and everyone wants to post pictures of themselves at these events. So tap into that motivation and put your logo on display. But before you roll out the red carpet, you will want to make sure you follow these step and repeat banner do’s and don’ts.

Step and Repeat Banner Do’s and Don’ts

DO size your logo properly. Clear and noticeable without being overpowering is the goal. If you plan on taking mainly group photos, then you want your logo larger so it is readable in a wider shot. Taking mainly close-ups? Then a smaller logo is preferable. If your needs fall somewhere in the middle, then 9-11 inches wide and 5-7 inches tall is a good default. Don’t worry, SOBO can help you find the right sizing.

step and repeat banner logo size

DON’T cheap out! Choose a banner made of quality material, preferably fabric (more on that in the next section). Remember that you will be transporting your banner from event to event, so durability is important, especially if your events are outdoors. Also, consider ease of assembly and quality of the stand. The last thing you want is your banner falling on someone! Below is an example of a full display kit from SOBO.

step and repeat banner quality

DO minimize glare. Proper lighting is a great way to reduce glare in pictures, but that may not be in your control. A vinyl step and repeat banner can reflect and ruin pictures, especially if your banner has a lot of colors. Also, vinyl banners can crease and wrinkle further increasing the chance of glare. Luckily, fabric banners do not reflect light. And you can even find fabric banners that are wrinkle-free. Definitely worth the investment! Here is a fabric banner from SOBO.

step and repeat banner glare

DON’T be afraid to get creative! There is nothing wrong with a standard step and repeat banner, but sometimes a little creativity can really make your brand pop. Just tell us what you envision, and we can help bring it to life.

step and repeat banner creative

Follow these guidelines and your guests will be sharing their pictures, and your logo, with their friends in no time. Give SOBO a call at 888.752.0432 and get your step and repeat banner for your next event. Looking for some other options? Check out our full catalog. SWAG with style!