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By Dean Schwartz: Ready for the biggest annual end-of-year cliché? Here it goes: We can’t believe it’s almost time for the New Year! Ahh, but it’s so true.

We feel like it was just yesterday that we were telling you about these fantastic SWAG BAGS, but it was actually near the beginning of the year.  Who knew it would fly by so quickly? Well, we’re here to take you on a trip down memory lane – the 2013 memory lane – for a look at the most memorable SWAG of 2013. Leave your comments on which is your fav!

Blue megaphone

iPhone Megaphone: Portable and made of silicone. Not what you’re thinking – it’s a mini speaker that amplifies the sound from your iPhone by up to 15dbs (which, for anyone who doesn’t speak ‘sound’ means that it feels like it’s 3-4 times as loud) – all without any batteries. You’re your money on that big speaker system – order these instead. Then, let us customize it for you in any PMS color and imprint you’d like, with minimum quantities as low as 1,000 per order. Click HERE for more details but ask us about pricing for larger quantities.

Custom notebook we created in conjunction with photographer, Yuri Tuma
Custom notebook we created in conjunction with photographer, Yuri Tuma


Notebook with full-color, perfect bound: Write the next chapter in great promotional giveaways (saw what we did there?) with the perfect bound 8×5.5 semi-custom notebook. And don’t let its semi-custom label fool you – this baby can go wherever you imagine in terms of design. Our SOBO SWAG Squad will help you pick the colors, then print some sweet customizations on virtually the entire outer cover, including the back cover and spine. These semi-custom journals are made of coated paperboard. Click HERE for more details.

waterproof pouch mock

Waterproof phone pouch: You know the situation – you’re off to the beach. The sun is shining. The water is glistening. The sand feels warm underneath your feet. And the second that first drop of sweat pours you’re your brow, you want to jump in the water to cool off. But you can’t! Why? You have your phone on you. Ahh, but we’ve got a solution – the waterproof phone pouch. Customize the imprint of your logo, adjust the colors, and let everyone be reminded of who kept their phone safe at the beach. Click HERE for more details.

vaso ok

Solo thermal cup: It doesn’t matter what year it is – the Solo cup is a must-have at every party, and it probably has been since the dinosaurs were around. But outside of cool colors, they’re kind of bland, right? Nope! SOBO SWAG Squad is on patrol and we’re customizing every single cup in your order with your logo in a way that makes everyone know you’re the life of the party. And each cup comes with a lid, too. We know – it’s perfect. time. Click HERE for more details.


Bobble heads: They’re not just for professional athletes anymore. Seriously! Know an iconic figure or entity you’re your brand’s fans just absolutely love and adore? Bobble head that person. Customize a whole mess of them in the likeness of that person or character and give them away as the ultimate water cooler conversation starter. Asking yourself how in the world you could possibly get one that looks good? That’s what we’re here for. Click HERE for more details.


Wayfarer-style sunglasses: What else needs to be said? Style. SWAG. Your face. That about covers it. Let SOBO not only add this element of class to your look, but let us help you customize the look, too. As there are too many options available to direct you to one site, call us and tell us what you’re thinking. We’ll send you your own custom mock-up at no charge.

image001 copyFlip flops: Not sure if you’ve ever been at an event where flip flops are one of the giveaway items, but you’ve never seen people go crazier than they do for flip flops. They love them. Why? Well, we can help you frame that story. Not only can you customize the foot bed with serious, legit artwork, but you can create custom imprints on the outsole to leave messages in the sand. Imagine the type of advertising you’re your logo all across the sand could do. Or let us imagine it for you.


Sublimated tents: “Oh, what a cool tent with another plain-colored logo slapped on it!” said no one ever. That’s because while the concept was unique when it first came out, it’s not unique. But full color designs, imagined through the eyes of an artist who understands your brand? That won’t ever get old. And that’s the SOBO SWAG way.


Bobble sport filtered water bottle: Let’s face it – it’s impractical to filter all of your water, all the time while you’re on the go. But the novelty of having a water bottle with a filter built-in eliminates that issue altogether. Customize your logo, your color, and give away an item that is hard to live without. Click HERE for more details.

dollar bill tyvek wallet

Tyvek wallet: We may be biased – we are – but this was one of our favorite items of 2013. Lightweight, fully customizable, and totally useful – the Tyvek wallet. Naturally, we’re so fond of it because the full depth of our customization capabilities can be on display with these wallets. If you want to really see what SOBO SWAG is all about, get your hands on some of these and watch us go to work. Click HERE for more information or call us to see how we can create your own custom look.

Like what you’ve seen? Think 2013 was a good year? It’s never too late to get SWAG with style. Give us a call, hit us up on Facebook or send up a smoke signal – no matter what, we’ll be happy to chat. 888.752.0432.

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