Celebrate Mexican Culture With Memorable Cinco de Mayo SWAG

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): As Cinco de Mayo approaches, businesses have a golden opportunity to connect with their audience and amplify their brand presence in a fun, vibrant, and culturally respectful way. The holiday that recognizes the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire in 1862 is now celebrated worldwide- so your brand is missing out if you haven’t shown up to the fiesta yet. 

A few unique advantages Cinco de Mayo SWAG can offer your brand:

  • Increase Brand Visibility At A Memorable Event
    Cinco de Mayo is one big party across the United States and beyond, with parades, street festivals, and gatherings that are vibrant, colorful, and full of life. By offering branded promotional products that align with the festive spirit—such as custom-made sombreros, maracas, or Mexican-made glasses—your brand can become a visible part of these celebrations. This not only boosts brand recognition and visibilty but also associates your brand with positive, joyful experiences.
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships & Community Engagement
    Providing SWAG for Cinco de Mayo celebrations can significantly strengthen relationships with your customers- particularly with those who’ve participated in the holiday their whole lives. It’s a gesture that shows your brand values cultural celebrations and are willing to invest in their audiences’ happiness. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!
  • Support Diversity & Demonstrate Inclusion
    Authenticity and inclusivity are highly valued by today’s consumers, so creating a true cultural connection can play a key role in a brand’s success. In addition to showing that you appreciate the cultural heritage of your customers and employees, Cinco de Mayo SWAG can demonstrate your brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. However, it’s key to approach this with respect and authenticity, ensuring that your products celebrate the holiday’s history and significance without resorting to stereotypes or cultural appropriation. SOBO’s experience here is priceless.

SOBO’s SWAG Experts have over a decade of experience creating SWAG specifically for Cinco de Mayo. Let us help your company create something that celebrates the holiday while also being a memorable takeaway from the event. Check out some of our favorite options below or click the button at the bottom of this blog to learn more.

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22OZ Clay Drinking Glass22OZ Clay Drinking Glass

Traditional Mexican clay glasses for drinking are great for serving drinks to family, friends, or guests at a celebration or Mexican fiesta OCCASIONS Fill these clay glasses with festive drinks like Agua Fresca, Margaritas, Cantaritos and Palomas; Great for Cinco De Mayo, Taco Tuesday, Quinceanera and Birthday Parties The traditional clay cups for drinking are made of natural clay material, which is suitable for hot and cold drinks.

Maraca Pen Maraca Pen

Excellent fiesta themed pen. “Fiesta” pre-printed from mfg on one side and your logo, or saying on opposite side. Great for adding that added energy to liven up any party.  

Sublimated Can Koozies Sublimated Can Koozies

This can cooler features a foam construction fabric that keeps cans insulated & easier to handle. It features sharp, photographic quality full color sublimated imprint on the front, bottom & Back. It folds flat for easy storage or sliding in pocket or purse. This can cover beverage insulator might be the best can coolie on the market! 

Sombrero Glasses with a Custom Direct Pad Print Sombrero Glasses

Sombrero Glasses w/ a Custom 1-Color 7/8″ high x 1-1/4″ wide Direct Pad Print. Camera-ready art files are required (ESP or AI files preferred (300 dpi or higher). A free virtual proof will be sent for approval prior to running production. Normal lead time is 10 days from PO, artwork approval, and pre-payment. Can do custom shapes and sizes

Tech Taco Tech Taco

The tech taco is a fun and creative way to stay organized when pulling out your headphones every day. Cords are tangled and knotted after keeping them in your bag or pocket. Use this organizational tool to stay top of mind every time someone wants listen to use their headphones! Made of neoprene with full color imprint on 1 side. The custom tech taco is 4″ wide and closes with a snap clip. 

Green Neon LED Pad Printed Margarita Glasses Green Neon LED Pad Printed Margarita Glasses

New style of Lighted Barware, this 10oz. Neon Plastic Margarita Glass has 1 High Powered blue L.E.D. mounted up in the black stem to concentrate the illumination into the glass (where the imprint resides). The black base and stem highlights the illumination effect.

we specialize in creating promotional products that not only capture the essence of this vibrant celebration but also enhance your brand’s visibility, strengthen customer relationships, and drive engagement. Let us help you make the most of this Cinco de Mayo with customized, memorable, and culturally respectful SWAG that celebrates and promotes your brand.

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As you plan your Cinco de Mayo promotions, remember that the most impactful SWAG is that which respects and celebrates the culture, brings joy to the festivities, and leaves a lasting, positive impression on your brand.

Let’s make this Cinco de Mayo not just a day of celebration but a milestone in your brand’s journey towards greater cultural engagement and community connection!

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