Top 10 Golf SWAG Items Under $20

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Great golf SWAG doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

When you’re hoping to supply an entire tournament (or perhaps every customer, or a large number of employees, etc.), purchasing and customizing golf gear can get expensive – QUICK – but there is another option!

SOBO recently compiled a list of our Top 10 Golf SWAG for Under $20 below. Feel free to reach out to place your order today or ask us for the full presentation to see even more options!

Golf SWAG That Won’t Break the Bank

3 Can Cooler Tube

Tee off knowing your drinks will remain cold through the 18th Hole! This 3 can cooler tube bag can also hold 2 bottles waters, or a bottle of wine, as well as tennis or golf balls. It also comes with a shoulder strap for your convenience and a clip so that you can secure it onto your golf bag, stroller, wheel chair etc. when you’re tired of carrying your stuff.

The Golf Pro

Maybe our favorite item on this list, the golf pro features everything the golfer needs except a built-in hole in one! This golfing tool features a divot fixer, magnetic ball marker, file, and a knife. Plus, it comes complete with a tin for a classy touch that is sure to impress your valued clients and/or employees. This item can be laser imprinted in one location for a personal touch that will help you create a product tailored to your needs.

New Yardage Marker w/Spikes

Got a Night Golf event coming up? Pick up some Blue LED Yardage Markers with Spikes. All your outdoor events can be lined with bright blue LEDs. Our Blue LED Yardage Markers with Spikes makes it easy to place in the ground as a yardage marker for nighttime golf or to line walkways and entrances. Each Blue LED Yardage Markers with Spikes has 2 functions: flash and steady on. The Blue LED Yardage Markers with Spikes come with 3 AAA batteries included for your convenience. Ask us about other colors available if the blue won’t match your brand colors!

3″ Waterproof Mood Light “Golf” Ball

Your marketing solutions have been met with this fun Waterproof Mood Light Ball. One ball – but so many color options! Each hard plastic 3″ ball can be set to a steady on single colors, or color morphing. Perfect for setting the mood at pool parties, weddings, beaches, table decorations, water centerpiece, or a tee box and/or location marker in your next round of night golf. Completely waterproof, so no worries about it getting wet, and batteries are already installed for your convenience.

Golf Tool Set Key Tag

This ABS plastic golf set comes with 8 PS plastic golf tees and 2 white plastic ball markers. It features 4 white golf tees and 4 color tees to match case accent color. Case comes with tees and ball markers inserted in simple storage slots. Imprint available on case only. Includes plastic clip to attach to golf bag or belt loops.

3 Pack Golf Ball Lip Balm, Mints, & Sunscreen

These items may not be as unique as some of your other options, but they’re necessary on any golf course – so they’re sure to be appreciated – and the packaging / presentation will impress recipients! Custom full color printing with glossy finish on gift box Includes 1 color print on golf ball containers. Oh, and did we mention this product was Made in the USA? #PatrioticPride

“Constant-On” LED Night Flyer Golf Ball

The newest (and best) professional tournament night flyer golf ball we have ever designed – the Constant-On Lighted Night Flyer golf ball is here! This green L.E.D. constant illumination golf ball sets a new standard in night golf play. Besides being official weight and size, the night flyer constant on golf ball is a very sophisticated piece of equipment designed to light-up upon sensing a strong impact. Add some #SWAG for some serious golf clout!

Golf Kit in a Tritan Bottle

26 oz. Tritan Sports Bottle is a convenient and reusable package perfect for a tournament gift or any golf enthusiast. Price includes 11″x18″ Cotton Golf Towel, Golf Ball and three Tees inserted into the bottle. BPA -Free, FDA Compliant – Safe for Food Contact Bottle. Bottle is Dishwasher safe and measures 9.25″ H x 3.125″ H

Golf Shoe Bag

A great gift for any golfer, this bag will keep golf shoes separate and the mesh will insure they stay fresh for the next time out. Made of leatherette/mesh fabric and complete with a dual zipper opening, you simply won’t find a better customizable golf shoe bag at this price.

Carabiner Golf Ball Sunscreen

This product is straight forward but will leave a lasting impact on the recipient due to the unique design and usefulness. The domed construction contains 14g of sunscreen, perfect for weekends out on the course, and the carabiner is adjustable so that it may clip on to any number of loops either on your person or golf bag.

LED Tee Box Marker

Mark the area of your tee boxes with our morphing dimpled orb. Our morphing orb has 3 high powered LEDs built in. Colors can change by morphing from one color to the next or can be left in all red, all blue or all green. Each morphing ball comes with a stake to easily place in the ground. Our morphing ball can be used as a table decoration, to mark walkways at outdoor events and on a golf course for a night time golf outing. Comes in a box with 2 batteries included and inserted.

Of course, we can always find you some more expensive SWAG such as golf bags, balls, clubs, or apparel, but if you’re hoping to find something more affordable – SOBO can help you there, as well.

The SWAG above are just some of the great golf SWAG products we can supply for your company. Want to see more? Click here for a more up-to-date presentation of golf SWAG! Reach out to or call today to place your order or discuss your options! #SWAGwithStyle

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