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Business Solutions by SOBO

Incentive Programs

Gamify your employees workload by rewarding them with points for accomplishing rocks, selling, figuring out ways to reduce costs, etc. Those points can then be redeemed for really cool prizes on a site that SOBO can set-up very quickly and cost effectively

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Gifts to Help Remote Workers Be More Productive

Build kits to keep employees focused and their morale high as we all continue to adjust to this new normal. They’ll appreciate the gesture while the SWAG makes them more productive than ever – a true win-win!

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Trade Shows in a box

Our unique and memorable solution for those that are missing the impact of their trade show booth.

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Stress Relieving Gifts

After a challenging year, gifts that improve our mood or allow us to relax are more valued than ever. That’s why SOBO spent the past month collecting the best available SWAG to increase your zen no matter where you are.

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Gifts And Games To Entertain Remote Workers

Much of the country is still working remotely. Send staff or customers that may be bored at home one of these gifts to let them know you’re thinking of them (and help them stay sane!)

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Direct Mail

Believe it or not, direct mail marketing is (STILL!) one of the most effective ways to reach people in 2020.

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Social Media Giveaways

Use our experienced team to improve your social media presence, build your database, and increase engagement/brand loyalty heading into the new year.

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Best High End Gift Options

While we’ve been known to offer our clients the best and most creative SWAG at affordable price points, SOBO also adds #SWAGwithStyle to some of the best high end gifts available.

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Company Stores

Utilize our company store capabilities to dropship employee SWAG right to their homes or stay top of mind with clients. The potential impact of a company store cannot be overstated and would offer a clear leg up over the competition heading into 2021.

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Top Gift Selections for 2020 (Under $150)

If you’re reading this then there’s no excuse to be unprepared for Black Friday Deals this year, because SOBO has you covered with the best SWAG for the 2020 holiday season.

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Open Your Business Safely

As your business starts to reopen its important you keep your staff and customers safe. SOBO has developed several solutions to keep everyone’s mind at ease.

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Best Gift Sets for the 2020 Holidays

Not only do sets of gifts deliver a higher perceived value to the recipient, but they also offer the perfect branding opportunity through multiple items and available custom packaging. SOBO has been hard at work trying to find the best gift sets for the 2020 holiday season so you don’t have to.

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