Aluminum PopSockets

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Aluminum PopSockets

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Custom aluminum PopSockets are the next generation offering of one of your favorite custom promotional products of all time. Yes, PopSockets are one of our most visited blogs ever, as well as one of our best selling items too.

For those of you playing catch-up, a PopSocket is a media stand or hand-grip tool for your mobile device! And if you’ve ever wanted to watch a show on your iPhone while laying down at the same time, you’ll appreciate how invaluable a PopSocket can be.

Well, the tech has improved and evolved since then. And now, you can get custom aluminum PopSockets. They’re more durable and better looking than their plastic counterparts, but they still offer the same design customization opportunities – it’s a no-brainer!

These items are retailing at Target, Best Buy and Amazon for around $14.99 per pop, but you can start customizing and creating them for under $9.00 each. Production is easy too. With 10 business day production time for orders of 100 or more, we can turn this around in no time.

But what are custom aluminum PopSockets good for, or rather, whom are they good for? As a custom promotional products company, we always think about who will get the most use out of it, and the businesses that would benefit most from it too.

These items are great for high-end gifting, particularly as the holiday season approaches. Plus, they’re highly usable and thus, highly visible. Smart phones are in people’s hands at all times, so if you put a custom logo design on the back of a cool-looking aluminum PopSocket, don’t you think it would get noticed?

Don’t you think people would ask “where did you get that?” They would. Like we said, there’s a big reason custom PopSockets are among our most popular items ever.

So give us a call at 888.752.0432 today to get things moving!