Musical Greeting Cards

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Musical Greeting Cards

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Greeting cards are big business! You might think that greeting cards have become a thing of the past in our digital age. However, 7 billion greeting cards are purchased every year, and the annual retail sales of greeting cards are estimated at around $7 billion. Major corporations still use direct mail marketing to promote new products. So sending cards is still an effective means of marketing.

Creative Tip: Musical Greeting Cards

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Like any marketing effort, creativity is key. Creating an elegant design with great visuals is a must. But why stop at visuals? Why not engage your other senses? Make your card stand out by adding sound or music. I’m sure you’ve seen those musical greeting cards during the holidays. Bring that same creative holiday spirit out during the rest of the year.

A musical greeting card can help you promote your business and show your appreciation to your customers. It has also been proven to result in more conversions. BigDAWGS is one of SOBO’s suppliers, and they provide some incredible services:

  • State of the art technology to give you more customized designs that can attract more potential customers
  • Offer a wide array of digital marketing tools
  • Offer amazing features like multiple sound durations, high quality “crushproof” speaker, long-lasting battery life, multiple card sizes, automatic sound playback, exceptional print quality, and push buttons with multiple sounds

Contact us at SOBO 888.752.0432 to help design a musical greeting card for your next direct mail campaign. Your brand aligned with our creative efforts will help you stand out the crowd. SWAG with style!