Next Gen Fidget Toys

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Next Gen Fidget Toys

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Believe it or not, next gen fidget toys are coming, or rather, they’re already here. You may recall a few months ago when we wrote a blog about fidget spinners, which were and are still the rage among teens and even adults. But they’re not the only gig in town anymore.

Today’s blog is about a whole new parade of next gen fidget toys. These items are great for students, employees and even for full customization in retail. In most scenarios, you can pick the entire color and branding scheme. And because they’re so new, there will be a built-in “wow!” factor for the users who see them – and for those who see people using them.

For your reading and viewing pleasure, we’ve selected our favorite four:

iBank(R) Fidget Pen: Not just a nex gen fidget toy, this fidget pen not just the easing of your pressure ball in your career, or the cube that you want to play during the meeting It has built-in writing tools that can help you keep track of your best ideas! Fidget Pen is a pen can be bent, rotated and transformed into a variety of creative, anti-irritable function. We created an interesting device that fits all the circumstances so you can use it anytime! The one of a kind detach flex clip is an amazing standalone fidget tool with rare earth magnets. Starts at $14.99 per piece! A nice gift for executives, but who says it can’t be for everyone else?

Magnetic Fidget Orbiter: Catering to science geeks or lovers of things that are “out there”? This magnetic fidget spinner will help increase creativeness and concentration. It is consists of 1 orbiter and 1 ball, both made of chrome steel iron (weighs less than 2 oz), which makes it an extremely durable long-lasting toy with the latest low-friction technology. Hold the spinner in your hand or place it on a flat surface, rapidly spin it with your other hand. Spin your stress away! Custom logo is available. Costs as low as $1.32 per unit in large bulk orders.

Keychain/Bottle Opener Hand Spinners: Dual function for the fellas? These hand spinners with multi-function tool, nail clipper, keychain, bottle opener, carabina, wrench are a good choice for killing time and outdoor avtivities. It will help you reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, autism, nail biting, hair twirling and leg bouncing. Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun. Custom logo is available too! Starting at $0.71 each.

Super Quantum Fidget Spinner: This is super cool because it spins for 6 minutes! The Super Quantum Fidget Spinner has 2 paddle- shaped blades surrounding a central core that fits in any size hand. Just squeeze the core, flick the blades and they spin, and spin, and spin. This high quality spinner is made from Stainless Steel with super low- drag Ceramic Ball Bearings and will spin quietly and smoothly for 6 minutes with just one flick! It’s a high-end item among next gen fidget toys, starting at $32 per unit – but it’s guaranteed to be a show-stopper.

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