T-shirt Pocket SWAG

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): We highlight a lot of different products on our blog posts, but no SWAG product is more tried and true than t-shirts. Logoed t-shirts can be a great marketing vehicle. But simply slapping a logo on... (Read more)

phone futon 2

Phone Holder Case Study: Blue Man Group Boston

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): We talk a lot about what makes a promotional product effective. Basically, people want things that are cool, and people want things they can use. If your product is ... (Read more)

custom tech wireless charging stand

Custom Tech – Your brand on the hottest tech products

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Here at SOBO, we love new gadgets. And we are not alone! Roughly three-quarters of Americans own a smartphone, and half the public now owns a tablet computer. Those are incredible numbers. Recent... (Read more)

fun in the sun adirondack chair

Fun in the Sun! Custom Summer SWAG

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Summertime is here and it is time to get outside and have some fun in the sun! Summer is filled with great events, so you will want to SWAG up your event to make it memorable. Throwing a cookout... (Read more)

Financial Services SWAG – Top 3

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): We have said this plenty of times, but it is worth repeating, promotional products work! ROI on promotional products has been proven to be an effective marketing strategy for business promotion.... (Read more)

promotional product services 2

Promotional Marketing Services – Why SOBO?

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): We like to use our blog as a forum for idea sharing, case studies, and showcasing products. Today we want to highlight why SOBO is your best choice for promotional marketing services. You have... (Read more)

T-shirt fabric dilemma – Which should I choose?

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Branded t-shirts are an incredibly popular promotional product. There are tons of different brands, qualities, and styles of t-shirts. Today we are going to focus on t-shirt fabric... (Read more)

sideline a-frame signs 5

Get in the Game! Sideline A-frame Signs

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Summer is nearly here and that means sports leagues are getting ready for the season. Sports are a great way to channel energy into something positive, for both kids and adults. Because of this,... (Read more)

promotional products pens

Guide to Successful Promotional Products

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Not all promotional products are created equal. Sure people in general love promotional products, but they like them with some SWAG. You may think you need a big budget to develop some really cool... (Read more)

Sock SWAG! Top 3 Custom Socks

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): A wise man once said, “You are either in your bed or in your shoes. So it pays to invest in both.” Take that a step further. If you are wearing shoes, you will need some socks. So... (Read more)

travel season towel

Travel Season SWAG – Top 4

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Spring has taken hold, and before you know it the summer travel season will be here. And travel means tourists! Tourists love to buy little trinkets to commemorate their trips, and why not? Buying... (Read more)

soft t-shirt

Soft T-shirt Theory: CRV Case Study

Soft T-Shirt

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Ever wonder why people keep some items of clothes forever? It is because the more you wear them the softer and more comfortable they become. There is nothing like a well broken-in... (Read more)

Miami Design District 1

Case Study: Miami Design District Umbrellas

Miami Design District Umbrellas

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): The Miami Design District is a neighborhood dedicated to innovative fashion, design, architecture and dining experiences. This once-overlooked area of Miami has... (Read more)

jarritos box 1

SWAG Bag Case Study: 2018 Academy Awards

SWAG Bag Items

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): The SWAG bag, aka goodie bag, is no longer just for kid parties. SWAG bags have been gaining popularity in recent years. Why is that? Because SWAG bags are a perfect way to lure... (Read more)

Summer Games! Fun in the sun!

Summer Games

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Summer is around the corner and we are really excited! So excited we are doing a second blog this week dedicated to summer activities. This time we are going to focus on summer games... (Read more)