SWAG Couture – Redefining Corporate Uniforms

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SWAG Couture – Redefining Corporate Uniforms

SWAGcoutureBy Dean Schwartz: Did you ever think that it was impossible to have high fashion and innovation in your corporate uniforms? Did you think ‘couture looks’ were only for rail thin runway models and refined gentlemen with chiseled abs and distinct facial features? I sure did – at least until I met Angie Cohen, owner of Design Lab Miami. In fact, meeting her is the reason for this blog. And the name SWAG Couture? It was born from our partnership to bring SWAG to our customers and clients via game-changing uniforms in a way they’ve never seen before.

I originally came across Design Lab Miami while searching for design classes that my daughters could attend. At the time, I had a client that had requested something even more unique than the options we were accustomed to providing. They wanted not just a cool design, but a cut and fashion statement that didn’t exist in polos, tshirts or even an American Apparel dress. So you could say that meeting Angie was an incredible stroke of good luck and timing.

Because it turned out that Angie was doing some mind-blowing creative work, including making a dress out of Capri Sun drink pouches and other consumer product packaging. And yes, her sense of style was second to none… pretty SWAGtastic if you ask me. And right then, I knew Design Lab was the perfect partner to help us launch SWAG Couture.

Angie graduated from the famed Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York with a degree in Textile Surface Design, and then worked with some of the country’s leading design houses including Calvin Klein and J.G. Hook. Sold? I was, too.

How? Well, we linked up to develop an even edgier line of custom apparel for our clients that would parlay her credentials into something customers hadn’t seen much of before. Style is one thing. SWAG is often another. But marrying them together in the name of fashion and function? It’s rare, yet we’re constantly working to perfect it, and the client that lead us to this partnership would certainly agree.

One of the best qualities of SWAG Couture is its dual creative function – we combine the creative genius that you’ve come to know and love at SOBO Concepts, and we match it with world class design that can take you out of what may be considered ‘normal’ clothing. Corporate uniforms come to mind as a logical, popular item to consider when siding up to SWAG Couture in an execution that we love to call ‘Corporate Couture.’ But this extends even beyond that, to brand ambassadors and street teams, hotel employees, from the pool and service staff all the way up to the front desk, as well as restaurant workers, including cooks, waiters and waitresses and management, as well. It’s SWAG to the max, and it’s applied as you see fit.

If you’re looking for unique, custom, corporate apparel, give us a call at 888.752.0432.