From Recognition to Retention: The Impact of Employee Appreciation SWAG

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): In today’s competitive business environment, recognizing and valuing employees has never been more crucial.

First and foremost, appreciation is a fundamental human need. When employees feel valued, data shows that their satisfaction and productivity soar, and they’re more likely to stick with their employer. High-quality, branded SWAG doesn’t only make your employees feel appreciated but it also strengthens their connection to your company. By wearing or using branded merchandise, employees become brand ambassadors outside the workplace. It’s a win-win: employees feel valued, and the company enjoys free advertising and an enhanced reputation.

Trust us: creating a culture where recognition is part of the daily routine can transform your brand. Employee appreciation SWAG can be a significant part of these programs, helping to celebrate milestones, achievements, or simply serving as a token of gratitude for ongoing hard work. Regularly recognizing employees reinforces a positive workplace culture, encouraging others to strive for excellence and contribute positively to the company’s goals.

Nowadays, employee appreciation gifts are not just nice-to-have – they’re essential tools for fostering a positive workplace culture and retaining talent. Check out some of our favorite employee gifting options below.

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Cocktail Party for One - Old Fashioned - Natural Cocktail Party for One – Old Fashioned – Natural

What a great way to celebrate a milestone, a golf event, room drop swag or a toast for holiday cheer! Everybody loves a lift in spirits and this W&P Happy Hour kit is the perfect gift to do that with. Our handy Avery pouch is paired with Long Grove berry nut mix (3 oz) and a W&P cocktail kit. The Cocktail Kit contains all the premium ingredients needed to create 2 top-shelf cocktails wherever you are – just grab your spirit of choice and mix it up.

10 Oz. Ember Mug10 Oz. Ember Mug

Designed for home or office, the new Ember Mug² does more than simply keep your coffee hot. It allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold. Smart LED indicates when beverage has reached its perfect temperature and more. Select your temperature range as 120°F-145°F (50°C-62.5 °C) on the mug or with the Ember app. Built-in Auto-Sleep function intelligently senses when to turn on and off.Indulge Gift Set

Indulge Gift Set

While you can’t (and probably don’t want to) be with your luxury spa gift recipient when they try out these indulgent lemon verbena-scented treats, you can have the next best thing. Give them our Indulge Gift Set and your logo will keep them company. They’ll relax, destress, and inhale the calming, invigorating scent of 3 of our best-selling ZEN lemon verbena luxury spa products, made with only the finest ingredients in our USA-based, FDA-registered facility.  

cozy comfort coffee kitCozy Comfort Coffee Kit

Set Includes #5753 -20 Oz. Two Tone Himalayan Tumbler, #8028 Chateau Chenille Fringed Blanket, #Recbox Rectangle Custom Candy Box With Peanut Butter Cups, Sea Salt Caramels Fill and #Coffee-Bag-075 – 0.75 Oz. of Ground Coffee and Card.

Modern Sprout® Find Balance Take Care Kit - Aloe - Find Balance Modern Sprout® Find Balance Take Care Kit – Aloe – Find Balance

Plant care and self care come together in this curated and thoughtful gift set that reminds one to find our balance within our daily grind. This gift set offers a botanical take on traditional gift giving and provides the recipient something to nurture and enjoy. Place your aloe plant on a sunny windowsill and your soothing succulent will begin to sprout. 

Onboarding Kit Onboarding Kit

Spark employee engagement and promote company culture with this 5-piece onboarding kit. Kit includes: ALB – adventure lunch bag, TREKSPORT25 – 25 oz trekker lid bottle, ATHENA – super glide pen, STONE – spiral stone paper notebook, and SW – smartphone wallet. What a great way to give new employees the warm welcome they deserve!

Arctic Zone® Repreve® Recycled 6 Can Lunch Cooler Arctic Zone® Repreve® Recycled 6 Can Lunch Cooler

The Arctic Zone® 6 Can Lunch Cooler features Repreve® Exterior Materials made from recycled plastic bottles. REPREVE® is the world’s leading recycled fiber, playing an important role in the fight to protect our Earth by keeping bottles out of landfills and oceans, conserves electricity and water and reduces greenhouse emissions and petroleum use. The world’s leading brands choose REPREVE® to drive product innovation by combining uncompromised performance with trusted sustainability.

Breakaway Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Breakaway Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Break away from a boring listening experience! With the Breakaway speaker, you can get a true stereo sound. Simply twist the left and right side and you can separate one speaker into two, filling even large rooms with high-quality surround sound. A silicone sleeve makes it easy to twist back together and take with you wherever you go.

Premium Work From Home Essentials Premium Work From Home Essentials

The Premium Work from Home Essential kit includes all of your important office accessories bundled together! To carry all of your premium home office accessories we included the NBN Whitby 15″ Slim Backpack. Inside of the backpack will be the Light Up Logo Bluetooth Headphones, Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle 22 Oz., Pedova Pocket Bound JournalBook, Glimpse Photo Frame with Wireless Charging, and Wireless Ergonomics Optical Mouse

Connect Gift Set 3000C Connect Gift Set 3000C

Our newest items with more power and capabilities for the tech enthusiasts in tech-related fields or those elite business groups that need the latest and greatest. Includes: Power Bar 3000 mAh with USB-C (#2169) UL Listed Dual Wall Charger with Type-C (#2600) Charge All Cable 2.0 Type-C (#2054)

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At SOBO, we understand the impact that thoughtfully designed employee appreciation SWAG can have on morale, productivity, and loyalty. If you’re interested in learning more about how it can help your brand, or you’d like to get started on your order, click the button below.

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