Creative Ways to Reward Remote Workers

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): With so many people still working from home, now is a great time to re-up on creative ways to recognize and reward your remote workers.

The good folks at Promotional Consultant Today recently reminded us of this quote from American educator Stephen R. Covey, which we should all add to our daily philosophy:

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

With this in mind, here’s how to show employees they’re appreciated.

Creative Ways to Reward Remote Workers

1.    Offer flexibility. Sometimes, all you need to do is give your sales reps some autonomy. Allow them to adjust their hours a bit and give them some freedom in how they complete certain projects. SOBO can help here, too. Click here to plan ahead and gain back some of your time by selecting a time & date that works for you to discuss how we’ll approach your next event. 

2.    Know your employees. Everyone appreciates different perks. Managers can only reward their remote workers best if they know what they want. We’re always trying to learn more about our employees, as well as our customers, which is why we send a new client survey to learn more about our new accounts, and we’ve sent out a general survey to learn how to better serve current customers in the future. Consider doing the same for your employees!

3.    Delight reps with timely gifts. Send your sales reps useful gifts that are sure to be appreciated. Whether you want to commemorate an important milestone or commend your reps on a job well done, show them they matter with our #SWAGwithStyle

4.    Remember the promotional products. In line with the idea above, you can reward and celebrate your remote team members with #SWAGwithStyle. SOBO can even implement a gifting program you can “set and forget” (click here to read about deal closing gifts that we sent out to Silver Hill employees every month). We’ll take care of everything whenever an employee is due another gift. Too simple? We can also create a company store for you that’ll infuse a sense of pride among employees, increase your brand awareness, and show your appreciation – all at the same time!

5.    Commit to staying connected. Even though your sales reps may not work in the same office, you can still bring everyone together, from team meetings to after-work chats. If you want your remote team members to feel more connected and engaged, send your employees a customizable drink kit and begin hosting a virtual happy hour every Friday!

6.    Get creative. To celebrate your remote sales reps, think beyond sending a congratulatory email. Perhaps ask them to share their favorite restaurant and send them a “snail mail” with a gift card included (more on that below). Or perhaps you could host a social media giveaway, or a contest for “best dog pictures”, and reward participants with one of these hip tech products. If you need help thinking of something – that’s what we do! Just give us a shout and we’ll begin to brainstorm.

7.    Reach out with a personal touch. A handwritten note goes a long way, especially if you cannot regularly share your heartfelt appreciation in person. The idea is to send a more authentic message than a simple email, and our direct mail program will do just that. Click here to learn about why we’ve been so effective in this space or click to jump straight to the presentation to view some of your options.

The need to reward our remote workers has never been greater, and SOBO is here to ensure those most important to your bottom line are recognized for their continued efforts through out the pandemic.

If you’d like to hear more ideas, or you’d like to discuss which option would be most effective for your company, call SOBO or email today to discuss your strategy! #SWAGwithStyle

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