SOBO’s Summer SWAG: Unique Items for Fun in the Sun 2020

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Believe it or not, June is finally here and the heat is on it’s way. Luckily, SOBO prepared for this moment and just finished compiling the most unique, fun, and effective summer SWAG available to keep your brand name hot while your staff and customers try to stay cool. 

Of course, we mixed all of the coozies, coolers, boogie boards, backyard games, and other typical summer SWAG that your heart desires into the full presentation – but we first ensured that each of these products came from the best available supplier, then highlighted some of the more unique options below.

Check out our top five below, click here for the full list, or just give us a shout now to get started.

SOBO’s Top Five Unique Summer SWAG

Asobu Ice Cream Keeper

Great new products often have one common characteristic: they are a better solution to an old problem. In this case, it doesn’t get any better for ice cream lovers! This item officially solves the problem of ice cream melting to liquid in a few minutes on a hot day. The Asobu® Ice Cream Keeper has a 5 layer design, utilizing multiple cooling chambers, that will keep a pint sized carton of ice cream frozen hard and fresh to eat for hours.

13oz. Chill Yo 2-Go Smoothie Tumbler

This creative addition to the Yo 2-Go line has a built-in double wall of freezable honeycomb non toxic gel, a silicone grip band, a melamine spoon and a removable lid. This innovative gel freezes in only one hour, resulting in the contents of the Chill Yo 2-Go remaining chilled for hours, even on a hot sunny day. Fruit, nuts, cereal & other toppings stay fresh, while your yogurt, frozen yogurt & even ice cream will remain chilled for hours. Stay cool with this hot item!

Asobu Dog Bowl Bottle

The summer is perfect for nature trails, beach trips, and all sorts of outdoor activities… let’s make sure we don’t forget about our fury friends while we’re out there! The Asobu® Dog bowl water bottle is made of 100% BPA free, double wall vacuum insulated, copper lines stainless steel. The easy grip handle makes it convenient to carry even on long walks with your dog. It is equipped with a detachable stainless steel and plastic bowl which discreetly twists off the base of the bottle, when it is time to re-hydrate your dog. The anti-slip base makes it very easy for your pets to drink from it, and the large capacity ensures your dog is sufficiently hydrated.

Mojito Drink Kit 

We’ve taken care of your dog’s beverage needs, now let’s handle you! This decorative package consists of refreshing key lime pineapple mojito drink mix, paired with a mini metal muddler and a set of tall drinking glasses branded with your logo, packaged inside full color box printed with your design. (Inside printing available for additional fee). Choose from other cocktail mixes which include margarita, mojito, cosmo and more. The best part? We can even ship bulk or to each individual on your gift list!

Branded Slam Ball

In search of a fun outdoor game that everybody doesn’t already own? Look no further! Keep your marketing spiking and active with this promotional slam ball. It can be played on the beach, your backyard, and the local park- almost anywhere. Slam ball is one of the most modern sports today (a combination of volleyball and ping pong) which can reach out to a large market like children, teenagers, adults, and families. Bring out your brand through this fully customizable slam ball designed to help your brand make an impact!

SOBO is here to help. Don’t see what you’re looking for? No sweat. Just reach out and we’ll find whatever item it is.

Like we said, our goal is to use #SWAGwithStyle to keep your brand name hot while staff and customers try to stay cool. For more information or other solutions please call SOBO at 888.752.0432 or email

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