Tripadvisor & Finding the Right SWAG for Your Brand

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): As SWAG experts, we’re not strangers to the notion that our business is a commoditized one. There’s also the bad rap that our industry has for having a one size fits all approach to its work. Custom t-shirts, custom pens and custom notepads for everyone, and on to the next one.

But not us! We selected Tripadvisor as an example to show just how different our approach is. For full disclosure, Trip Advisor is not a client of ours, but they’re based in Boston just like we are and we’ve long been fans of their business and their people.

Tripadvisor is known for having the inside scoop on all things travel; any destination, any type of trip or taste for fun, they have the scoop. Smart travelers rely on them, as do smart travel agents and vacation planners. As such, Tripadvisor might consider ordering custom promotional products for any number of people: their own home, corporate employees, travel agents or vacation planners, or even some highly engaged end users of the site.

So what are our five favorite custom items that we’d recommend for Trip Advisor, based on who they are, and not what we can do on the cheap?

unnamediFan Daytime 2-in-1 Standard: This smartphone fan has an adapter that works on both iPhones or Android smartphones. So imagine that you’re in a steamy climate a long way from home; you’re sweating and there’s no A/C in sight. Well, simply plug this in whenever and wherever you need to cool down – it’s so refreshing! Safe to touch and low power consumption. Starting at $3.41 per piece.

Tripadvisor backpack

Folding Backpack: Some trips are all about making the most out of the least. If you’re just trying to save space in order to save on checked bag fees, or you just like the flexibility of having a durable bag that can grow or shrink based on your needs, this Compact Folding Backpack is perfect. One color imprint is included in pricing. Open size: 14.96″ x 11.02″ x 5.51″. Closed size: 3.93″ x 3.93″. Stock Colors: Black – Blue – Green & Red. 190T Ribstop Fabric. Preproduction sample included in pricing. PMS color match for quantities of 2,000 & above. Prices starting at just $4.09 per piece!
unnamed-3Custom Projection LED Keychain:
This item boasts functionality – it’s a keychain, after all – but it also has a built in conversation starter with its custom style projection logo LED function. This key chain has 8 different projection images in a patented unique key chain. Either project your images in full color or black and white. Imagine projecting your name or logo in lights!  Great for product launches, recognition programs, conventions, trade shows, safety programs and gift with purchase programs. And the price is right too – they start at $2.45 per piece.

Trip Advisor Pop Socket

Popsocket/Popclip Combo: Imagine that you’re on the road in a place you’re not too familiar with. You need the GPS on your phone, but you need to mount it somewhere safe so that you’re not looking down at your phone while you drive. This is your solution – without packing a big, bulky dash mount! Your PopSocket will snap easily into and out of your PopClip to enable hands-free viewing. This product sticks flat to the back of your phone, tablet or case with its reusable, repositionable gel. It can be removed without leaving any residue with fishing line or dental floss. The possibilities are endless when you utilize full color imprinting, and so are the imprint possibilities. The back a phone is prime real estate for any promotion, and the best part is that PopSockets can be used on any brand of phone. Starting at just $8.00 per piece.
unnamedCustom Inflatable Travel Pillow: Ever find yourself dozing off mid-flight and your chin keeps hitting your chest or the guy next to you? Most travelers have that issue, but a Trip Advisor custom inflatable travel pillow could solve that. Not only is it highly functional, but it’s a space saver too – pull it out to inflate it only when you need it. Deflate it and put it back when you’re done. Easy

If you’re in need of SWAG that isn’t one size fits all – and yep, we’re also talking to you, Tripadvisor – give us a call! 888.752.0432.




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We're your one-stop-shop for product and retail branding solutions. If you’re tired of having your logo slapped on unoriginal products, we can help! Our #1 job is to make you, our customers, look great.

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