With so many options to choose from, we wanted our customers to know they’re truly appreciated whenever they work with SOBO Concepts. We created a top-of-the-line Incentives Program to reward you for every transaction, and we proudly offer a choice of over 6,000 reward options; including everything from the hottest tech gadgets, to the latest fashion, or unforgettable travel experiences. The process is simple, too: you order your SWAG, strengthen your brand, earn SWAG Points, and then cash it in for a reward of your choice – It’s a win-win-win! So… what are you waiting for?!

SOBO Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Log-in:

Go to and click the “Login” icon in the top right hand corner of the page.

Your username: the email you typically use when corresponding with SOBO
Your password: begins as iloveswag

If you forget your password: either click “Forgot Password” or email

How can I earn points?
  • We’ll apply 2% of every order (based on full-priced product cost only) to your SOBO Rewards account balance within 30 days of our final correspondence- which is typically either the order delivery date or whenever your payment was received.


  • Share a picture of your SOBO SWAG on your personal social media account, tag @SOBOConcepts, and you’ll receive 2,500 points during the next monthly upload. If you share a picture of SOBO SWAG from your business account, you can expect 5,000 points to be added during the next monthly upload.


  • Refer somebody (another department at your company or someone at a different company) to SOBO Concepts and receive 1,000 points during the next monthly upload. If your referral ultimately places an order you’ll receive an additional 4,000 points.


  • Complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey (which we’ll periodically send you after you’ve placed an order) and receive 2,500 points during the next monthly upload.


  • Send us a review and allow us to post to the Customer Testimonials section of our site, and you’ll receive 2,500 points during the next monthly upload.


  • Add your upcoming event to our calendar at least 30 days prior to your in-hands date and receive 2,500 points during the next monthly upload.
When Am I Rewarded Points?

You’ll receive points in the month following your payment for an order.

For example: if you paid for an order on May 28th, then you can expect points to be added to your account in June.

How Do I Know When Points Have Been Added to My Account?

You’ve previously received an email from informing you of your enrolment. You’ll receive a monthly update from that same email address whenever you earn points.

For More Information:

Go to (or click “SOBO Rewards: Info” in the top right hand corner of

Search your email for info sent from

Email or call 305-503-9772

Please keep in mind that we are also capable of installing a similar (or completely unique!) loyalty, recognition, and incentive program for your own customers and/or employees.


SOBO Concepts ensures our customers maximize the performance of their sales and channel partners by offering an extensive reward program that’s proven to increase engagement, brand loyalty, and, ultimately, your ROI. Our non-cash incentive program gains the discretionary time and effort of the people most important to driving top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability. Log-in to your SOBO Points site or give us a call at 888.752.0432 for more information regarding how to implement a program for your staff and/or customers.


  • A study by The World at Work found that non-cash based rewards achieve 3x the ROI when
    compared to cash-based programs.
  • Over half of the country is prepared to leave their job if they feel unappreciated (up 15% from 2012).
  • Two ways to create a sustainable competitive advantage — and therefore increase your ROI, company value, and long-term strength — are workforce and customer loyalty to the brand. An incentives program positively influences both of these factors.
  • Incentivized employees lead to a more motivated workforce. Studies show that a motivated workforce will decrease employee turnover, increase your company’s customer service, and overall improve customer retention.



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