When times are tough, the tough get creative…

SOBO introduces Trade Shows in a Box

The show may be cancelled or postponed but we have a program that helps you interact and market to leads you would have met at the show.

Tradeshow Box

Step. 1

Mail SWAG directly to show’s attendees via email link to white-labeled SWAG site. Price includes custom designed cards, printed SWAG and drop shipping.

Step. 2

Select one of two package options.

  • Option 1 Pick SWAG & quantity to send out. Provide logo in vector format and any information that will help SOBO better understand brand and marketing objectives (i.e. brand recognition, lead generation, sales, etc.)
  • Option 2 Option 1, plus the option to direct SWAG recipients to a gamified website that gives recipients the opportunity to win cool prizes once they answer qualifying questions.

Step. 3

SOBO will design a card, SWAG and gamified site (if requested) accordingly.

Step. 4

SOBO ships SWAG, fulfills prizes and provides reports and leads!

Get Your Swag On

Our team is standing by to deliver the most unique and awesome SWAG your mind can think up. The bigger the challenge the better. As always, design is always free!

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