Case Study: Simple & Sophisticated – The 7UP Example

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Case Study: Simple & Sophisticated – The 7UP Example

By Dean Schwartz: Often times, our clients are looking for simple but well-executed projects and we’ve learned the key to proving our worth isn’t always in doing the biggest and best projects. More times than not, it comes down to doing the little things better than anyone else.

Not so long ago, 7UP came to us through our partner, Eventus Marketing (hey guys!), with a need for a series of promotional products that they wanted to include for an upcoming California promotion.

They requested five products for five brands: 7-UP, Sunkist, Squirt, Peñafiel and Clamato. After a pretty intensive selection process, they selected PVC watches, lanyards, PVC coasters, wayfarer-style sunglasses and cinch bags for each brand. Each product was differentiated only by the brand’s unique pantone color and logo. But what was the SOBO Concepts treatment that set this apart?

On the items that required a bit of design (i.e. lanyards and coasters), SOBO presented various options to the client and went through enough revisions until the client was satisfied. Many agencies either charge for design or don’t get involved at all. For us, this is the best part.

Even though the products had to be sourced in China, to hit price-points and match the custom colors, everything was delivered in less than 4 weeks. SOBO’s great relationships with factories allowed us to expedite delivery and work back and forth to get colors exactly right.

This job was a big deal for some, but it’s standard work for SOBO Concepts. If you’re looking for products but can’t find the color that works best with your brand – we’re your team. Call us today at 1.888.752.0432 to get things going.