The Best SWAG for Any Video Conference or Virtual Meeting

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Video conferencing has become the norm in today’s “new world” yet many companies aren’t taking proper advantage of the marketing opportunity this has presented. SOBO is here to help change that.

We’ve all heard the horror stories by now: someone starts the meeting in the dark due to poor lighting, or the background is distracting, or God forbid the mic’s mute function stops working and they’re left scrambling. We have solutions for all of the above and then some.

So, whether you’re interested in wall decals, proper lighting, video/audio security, or portable video conferencing tools, we’ve compiled a list of SWAG that’ll boost your marketing efforts and satisfy any techy.

Click for the full presentation or check out our favorite options below – and remember- if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! (Or check out our 2023 “Must-Haves” for Tech SWAG, and how to use RFID, NFC, or QR code technology in your SWAG. Follow the links for more info)

SOBO’s Top Ten Video Conferencing SWAG

U-Star Web Cam and Selfie Light Gift Set

Take on that next Video Conference with a smart, HD WebCam that reduces noise while delivering crisp sound and smooth video, and a Selfie Light that bathes your face in a refreshing glow. This gift set, presented in our elegant Black Gift Box, makes the perfect corporate, business, or personal gift for all those who are putting their best face forward during these times. Add optional Silver foil imprint to the black gift box for a next-level gift.

Chair Mounted Backdrop

Attaches to any chair for a professional video conferencing backdrop. Your chosen logo or brand messaging is printed step-and-repeat and the backdrop presents edge-to-edge coverage on most webcams. Best of all, it stores easily with lightweight and compact design so that you’re able to add/remove the backdrop as needed! 

iBank® Home Streaming Studio with 10″ Light & Tripod + Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Skype Meeting? YouTube blogging? Professional photography at Home? Professional tool for creating high quality videos, taking epic selfies, live streaming, vlogging, makeup tutorials, etc… 10″ Ring light offers 3 distinct lighting options: White, Warm Yellow, and Warm White, so you always have the perfect amount of light no matter if you’re in a dark room or not. Great for working from home, tele-commuting or any virtual meetings.

Retractable and foldable Wireless Charging Stand

This retractable wireless charging stand is both foldable and can adjust the height from 17-26cm . Based on QI standard, you can even charge your device in landscape orientation while watching videos, or portrait mode for reading, video conference, messaging and facial recognition. 

iBank(R) Webcam with Microphone for Desktop or Laptop Computers + 8″ Ring Light

Plug and Play Webcam: Our computer webcam can plug and play very easily. With USB 2.0 connector, there’s no need to download or install any complicated driver software, making it the ultimate SWAG for convenience and usefulness. A great tool for creating live videos/recording with a smartphone or computer, and perfect extra light for make-up, live streaming, selfie photos, or video conferencing! Includes: 3D Denoising Webcam with Microphone and 8″ Led Camera Ringlight for YouTube Video/Photography. Dimmable Ring Light meets all your needs in different circumstances.

2-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit with Clip-On LED Selfie Light

Upgrade any device with this 2-in-1 Lens Kit with Clip-On LED Selfie Light! 0.65x wide-angle and 10x macro lenses. Enjoy the improved lighting with the 2″ LED (hi-lo settings and on/off switch) and post better photos and clearer videos. Handsome brushed silver tin case is included along with a foam insert for holding all the components. Also includes a micro USB charging cable (the LED doesn’t draw power from the device), plus black microfiber drawstring pouch and instructions.

Clip On Ring Light For Selfie And Zoom Video Conference

This easy to use, clip on, ring shaped light has multi-usage: provide extra lighting so you can look flawless in your selfies, add brightness when you make video conference call. You can use it with your rear camera to have high fidelity photos, you can also use it as a torch or emergency light. With 3 levels of brightness, you can find the perfect level to fit your lighting situation. Built in rechargeable battery makes it portable for those on-the-go, as well!


Conquer your quest for the perfect selfie or video feed with the Selfie Pro Gift Set! Includes a Compact Selfie Stick, a Phone LED light for the perfect lighting, and a fun lens pack, all in a travel case.

Round 9-LED Photo Selfie Fill In Light for Phone and Tablet Cameras

We live in a world where everyone is taking photos with their mobile device every day. This versatile 9-LED Selfie Light has three light settings (high, medium and low) which can dramatically improve the quality of photos plus videos taken in low light situations. It can also be used as an external flash or flashlight! Simply clip it onto your device and start the action. It’s compact and lightweight – take it anywhere. Features a rechargeable battery and a micro USB cable included. 

31.5″ Ideal Retractor Kit (Single-Banner)

The Ideal retractor is designed from the ground up to be a quick, simple solution for short-term promotional applications. Lightweight, aluminum base with plastic ends. Plastic swivel foot for stability. Three-section shock cord pole makes it easy to set up and take down. Your artwork will be printed on tear-resistant Titan polypropylene media. Two-month product warranty and a snug-fitting carry case included.  Ask us for dimensions! 


Tradeshow 4 Pack

Featured on CNBC as the highest value privacy and security combo pack on the market! This 4 pack includes a webcam cover, 3.5 microphone blocker, USB data blocker and 2 clip Cable Quack. The items are perfect for laptops, desktops, tablets, phones and more. The 3.5 mic block plugs into your audio jack port, making your device think there is an external mic, blocking all potential eavesdroppers. The USB data blocker even protects your data while charging your device! 

These are some of our favorite options, but there’s much more to choose from! If you’re looking for anything specific, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. Call 888.752.0432 or email today to get started on your own #SWAGwithStyle!

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