Gifting/Electric Corkscrew w/Beautiful Blue Light

Electric Corkscrew w/Beautiful Blue Light

Stainless Steel Kalorik Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew helps make uncorking wine bottles fun and easy.

Kalorik’s Electric Blue Push-Button Corkscrew makes uncorking wine bottles equal parts fun and easy; and it’s as entertaining to watch as it is easy to use! Your guests will be able to see the blue light shine through the action window as the cork is smoothly extracted from your bottle and released with a simple press of a button. The blue light also shines bright on the recharging stand, doubling it’s duty as a stylish nightlight. 8-hour charge time. Includes foil cutter and instructions.

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Quantity Price
1 $42.99


CPN Number 553054863
Color Stainless Steel
Corkscrew Size 2 1/8" diameter x 10" H
Base Size 5" L x 3 1/2" W

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