Case Study: Custom Shape Golf Target

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Golf season is back in full swing (Pun completely intended)! Considering how easy it is to get a group of people together for a day of fun in the sun with friends and cold beverages (never a hard sell); plus, with Tiger Woods winning The Masters again, it’s a safe bet to assume that golf courses around the country will be at max capacity, with rookies and veterans alike sharing the links all season long.

Hosting golf related events are a great way to engage your guests and, even better, a positive event experience such as this forms a truly priceless connection between your brand and those in attendance. But, like anything else, adding some creative SWAG with Style will propel your brand’s message even further and will leave a longer-lasting impression on your audience. Our client, Constellation Brands, understands this as well as anyone, and they recently asked us to create custom golf targets for their next golf event, sponsored by Corona and Modelo beer.

Case Study: Custom Shape Golf Target

golf target 4

Our clients rented a driving range and held a golf event sponsored, in part, by some of the most recognizable names in the beer industry. Needless to say, they’re extremely savvy marketers in their own right; but, having worked with us in the past, they knew SOBO’s creative team would deliver and it’d be one less task for their own team. So, they asked us to create custom shaped golf targets for guests to aim at while swinging away through out the day, but that’s not all…

In addition to the attention-grabbing graphics, we gamified the targets, as well: anyone who hit it would be awarded a prize. This was a great way to amplify the brand’s message since it ensured that the attendees paid attention to the logo’d targets all day long. Attendees took so many hacks at the target, they were probably dreaming of Modelo bottle caps in their sleep!

As far as the order goes- this was a first for us, so before we started on the request we had to answer a lot of questions. Luckily, our team thrives on new challenges such as these. The first question we had to answer: what shape should the target be?  Since we were representing a beer company here, we decided to create a connection between their products and the targets, and we ultimately chose bottle caps as the target shape.

golf target 5

The next question we had to answer: what material should the targets be made of? We knew we wanted the targets to make a noise when they were hit, that way golfers knew when they were deserving of a prize. We also had to find a material that would maintain it’s appearance despite the wear and tear it’d face through out the day.

Metal was the first, most obvious choice, but it’s extremely expensive to ship due to it’s weight. We ultimately settled on a material called Alumabond, which is made from a middle layer of high-density polyethylene plastic sandwiched between a thin face sheet of aluminum. The plastic in the center ensured the accurate golfers wouldn’t leave holes through the logo, and the aluminum face made the desired “ping” noise each time the target was hit.

But the SOBO team wasn’t done yet! We’re always looking to help out our customers in anyway possible, and we figured we could reduce shipping costs if we made the stand from PVC and designed it to collapse inward, that way it would ship flat. The end result: an extremely happy customer.

golf target 1

Want to see more? Click here for a more up-to-date presentation of golf SWAG! We love a challenge and we love making our clients happy – so this project was a Win-Win for us. Have some ideas that you’re hoping to bring to life but don’t know where to start? Give SOBO a call at 888-752-0432 and we will work with you to make it happen. And remember: always SWAG with style!

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